Free Speech Online! Cole's Artwork page A few Acrylic Paintings by Cole Sonafrank
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connections.jpg Connections, 1993, a different color balance, very 3-dimensional
blank space
ribbons.jpg Relaxed Ribbons, 1994, the ribbons are actually metalic blue and green
blank space
weave.jpg Fluid Weave, 1993, thick metalics and transparents
blank space
peace.jpg Six Minutes of Peace, 1994, quick, thick knife work
blank space
doodles2.jpg Iridescent Doodles, 1993, transparents over iridescents
blank space
monster1.jpg Fortune, 1990, thick, heavily built up mosaic "tiles"
blank space
Most of my acrylics are heavily textured and many use iridescent paint, so I have difficulty photographing them well. They are designed to change dramatically with different lighting and viewing angles.

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