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Mosaic Mortar Component Sources

 There is a tremendous overlap in what many of these companies manufacture or sell. This is merely a miniucule sample of the companies dealing in related products arranged in no particular order. I've organized them into simple, broad categories that I found useful: Small Quantities, Silica Fume, Admixtures (e.g. superplasticizers, acrylic & accelerators), Reinforcment, Lightweight Aggregates & Other (e.g. release agents).
Sources of Conveniently Small Quantities:
University Redi-mix, Fairbanks, Alaska (I advocate buying locally whenever I can)
Butler Enterprises for conveniently small quantities
SpecCo Products (dry admixtures & melamine superplasticizer (W-30M) in small quantities)
Fiberlay Inc. (for small quantities of Degussa's Aerosil white Fumed Silica)
Fritz Specialty Processing (Norchem distributor, among other things)
Clay Art Center (dry pigments, Mason Stains, fiber, etc)
Silica Fume/Microsilica Sources:
Lafarge Corp's SF Cement & An excellent explanation of Silica Fume Cement
Silica Fume Association's What is Silica Fume
Degussa Performance Materials (Fumed Silicas)
Elkem's North America Division (mfg of Silica Fume)
Norchem Concrete Products: White Silica Fume
Fesil's microsilica page (Norway)
A detailed description of microsilica production in Kazakhstan
Admixture (Superplasticizers, Acrylic, Accelerators, etc) Sources:
SKW Chemicals: Melment Bulletins (a great explanation & Mfg of superplasticizers)
Sweeney Materials: Performance Products for Predictable Outcomes
Elite Crete Specialty Construction Products for Concrete Finishes (aka Avan-Tech)
Tarmac America's Admixtures
Dynobond Polymer Cement
Hill Brothers Chemical (source of non-chloride accelerating admixture)
Grace Construction Products: Concrete Admixtures: Products Summary
Western Engineering Services Corp (dry polymers & other admixtures in large qty, but very helpful)
R&M Chemical Product Index (lots of interesting admixtures & helpful people)
SCL Concrete Admixtures and Additives
Water Components Concrete Products
Fosroc: Product Range: Admixtures and surface treatments
Boremco Specialty Chemicals (manufacture of Sulfonated Naphthalene Condensate)
Sentry Polymers - Product Listing
Melamine Chemicals, Inc.
"Holderbank" Concrete admixtures / Other products.
Specon Inc (mfg of "Hydro" admixture line)
Master Builders (various liquid admixtures)
Conspec ® Home Page
Tri-State Products Home Page (kel-crete product line)
Alaska DOT (approved admixtures by mfg)
Reinforcement Material Sources:
Nycron, Inc.: Advanced-technology fiber-reinforcing solutions (Nylon)
Fibermesh - Concrete Micro-Reinforcement System
Grace Construction Products
152A-14C CRATEC® Chopped Strands
Composite Additives (a description of some options)
Fibre Glast Development Information Center
Advanced Composites
Albarrie's Basalt Fibers
Conneaut Industries, source of many fiber types
Amoco Thornel Carbon Fibers
Composite Particles, high density polyethylene, kevlar & other fibers
Grafil, Inc.: carbon fibers
Hexcel: carbon & other fibers
Carbon Composites: supplies for carbon composites
Toray Carbon Fibers
Toyobo's Zylon Department, PBO fiber
Stonewear Composite Stone Products (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)
Lightweight Aggregate (Perlite, Vermiculite, Expanded Shale, etc) Sources:
Specrete-IP - mfg of Microlite filler
The Perlite Institute
Redco II - Perlite products
Strong Systems - Perlite & Vermiculite
The Schundler Company - Perlite & Vermiculite
Silbrico Corporation - Perlite since 1946
Litebuilt - Foam aerated concrete
Norlite - Expanded shale
Buildex - Haydite expanded shale
Hydraulic Press Brick Co - Haydite expanded shale
Eco/Lite - Recycled product aggregate
Syndesis Inc's Syndecrete
Other Related Product Sources:
Cresset Chemical Company: Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Sealers & more
CTS Cement Manufacturing Co, Rapid Set Cement
Mark Rogero's Concreteworks Studio
Unifix - Mfg of Unipan cement boards
LignoTech USA, Inc.
Java program - Concrete Mix Design
Bostik USA-Flooring
Mapei Ceramic Tile Installation Products
BNZ Refractory Materials
CMS Industries, Refractory Mortar
Whitacre-Greer Fire Brick & Pavers
The Chemistry Store, source of Sodium Silicate

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