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Cole Sonafrank's Links to Stained Glass
& Mosaic Forums & Resources

If there are other good forums or resources out there, please let me know! The glass craft, though perhaps not some self-interests, would be better served if some of these groups would choose to promote the most heavily used bulletin boards instead of running their own. It takes too long to try to follow them all. I'm tempted to only link to my favorites, but I don't want to choose for you. Just because they exist doesn't mean you must use them. blank space
Stained Glass Forums:
Warner-Crivellaro's Glass & Stone Chat
The Aanraku Stained Glass Message Board
Stained Glass Canada discussion board
Angel's Silicon Folly Glass Forum
Stained & Art Glass Question & Answer Forum
NewsOne.Net's Rec.Crafts.Glass
SGB Design Studio's Glass Board
Retailers of Art Glass & Supplies (RAGS): "Ask The Pros"
Artists in Stained Glass Canada Forum
Hetley's Stained Glass Forum in the UK
Creative Glass's forum in Switzerland
Stained Glass Solution's BBS
MSN's Stained Glass Art Community
Links2Go: Stained Glass Discussion
Kersey's Glass Works "Glass Rumors Discussion Forum" (Great for etching!)
CraftWEB Forum Exchange: Hot Glass
Glass Line's Bulletin Board (primarily hot glass)
Brad Shute's Glass Bulletin Board (primarily hot glass)
Warm Glass Bulletin Board (primarily warm glass)
Suzanne Cooper's Bulletin Board (primarily beading)

Mosaic Forums, Resources & Studios (A whole separate page)
Warner-Crivellaro's Glass & Stone Chat
Angel's Silicon Folly Stone & Mosaic Forum
Steven Cole's Stained Glass Stepping Stone Forum (no relation to me!)

The History of Stained Glass:
The Manufacturing of Glashuette Lamberts Mothblown glasses
History of Kokomo Opalescent Glass
AGSA's history lesson
PFG's About Glass
Jill Geisz's glass history lesson (broken link?)
Attenhofer Stained Glass Studio's contribution
Iron and Glass' How Glass is Made
Thomas Flanagan's History of Stained Glass
Funk & Wagnalls articles: Glass, Stained Glass & Mosaics

Other Stained Glass Resources:
The Stained Glass Archives (extensive email-based Q&A)
International Guild of Glass Artists
Art Glass World
Stained Glass Biz's Stained Glass Resources
Claire Amundsen Schaeffer's Glass Jumps
Liam & Helen Striker's Faceted Glass(Dalle de Verre)
Chris Kaiser's Glass Geek Archive
Steve Robinson & Anne Beal's Crafts Fair OnLine's Glass Resources
Inland's The [Stained Glass] Store Finder
The Stained Glass Association of America & Stained Glass Magazine
Retailers of Art Glass and Supplies (RAGS)
Andrew Werby's United Artworks has a great Arts Resources Page
The Stained Glass Artists
Association of Stained Glass Lamp Artists
Ichiro Tashiro's most excellent technical pages
Charles Warner's Technical Tips for Stained Glass
Mike Straub's Links Page (includes descriptions!)
Mike Savad's Link Pages (includes descriptions!)
Steve Ackman's Links page (includes descriptions!)
Randy Wardell's "How To Do Stained Glass"
Glass Line's Link Page
Bob Cupples's Stained Glass Bookmarks
Omniseek's stained glass search results
The Glass Studio's Links
Canterbury Stained Glass Links
Your Craft Link's Stained Glass Links
Down East Stained Glass' Links
Angela M. Bowey's "The Glass Encyclopedia" free patterns
Gary Somers' SGB Design Studio with free stained glass patterns
Dragonfly's Links to Related Information
The Preservation & Repair of Historic Stained & Leaded Glass
Kim Lassiter's Enameling Supplies
"His" Glassworks' HXTAL Epoxy & glue for glass page
Glass Australia (hot glass information)
Brad Shute's Wicked Good Handmade Glass Website
Brian Kerkvliet's excellent info on dichroic glass
International Glass Database INTERGLAD
German Society of Glass Technology
Glass Learning Direct
Alfred University's Center for Glass Research
Glafo - The Swedish Glass Research Institute
Search the Net, you'll find even more

Visit my other Stained Glass Artwork & Mosaic Mortar Material Matters pages for lots of links to resources, manufacturers, suppliers & studios:

Stained Glass Forums & Resources & Recommended Books
Links to more than 500 Stained Glass Artists & Studios
Soldering Tips & Remarks on Soldering Lead-Free
Mosaic Forums, Resources & Recommended Books
Links to more than 100 Mosaic Artists & Studios
My Main Mosaic Mortar Material Matters page
Mosaic Mortar Formula and Instructions
Mosaic Mortar Component Links
Pigments of All Types
Glass, Ceramic & Stone Tile & Stone Inlay
Resins, Reinforcing, Inlay & Radiant Heating Systems
The Sonafrank Family's Slot Car Racing Fun
Links to search engines that put the world on your desktop
Politically Relevant Material , including Great Poetry & Real Spaghetti

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