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Sources of All Types of Pigments:
Blue Mountain Pigments for Plaster & Concrete
Davis Colors(TM): GranufinŽ (and many other fine cement pigments!)
Solomon Grind-Chem Service, Inc: concrete pigments
Bayer Bayferrox Iron Oxide Pigments
Symons Corporation - concrete formwork and accessories
Scancem Iron Oxide Pigments to Produce Durable Colour in Concrete
Jamo, Inc. Products Master Color
Hoover Color: Cement Coloring (quite responsive)
Kover Krete Inc. - Cement & Mortar Colors
Stencil Concrete - Colours
Super-tek's Grout Color Charts
Stamped Concrete and Concrete Polymer (Color Chart)
GOLDEN artist's paints and pigments
Kremer Pigments (available in small quantities)
NUBIOLA Inorganic Pigments
Harold Scholz Colourpigments since 1902
Sinopia On-line Pigment and Raw Artist Materials Catalogue
Clay Art Center (Mason stains)
Jerry's Artarama: An amazing artist's mail-order supplier
Daniel Smith Fine Artists' Materials (including dry pigments)
The Conservator's Emporium
Elementis Pigments
Utrecht Artists' Colors
Liquitex Artists' Colors
Winsor & Newton Artist Materials
Woodstock-Deering Pigments and Colours (UK)
Reade Advanced Materials' Product List
Alabama Pigments Company
Lone Star Epoxy (Polymers & pigments)
Ets. A. van Lerberghe - Metal powders and pastes (Bronze)
Ceramics and Industrial Minerals Resource List
W.Hawley & Son: Manufacturers of Specialist Powder and Liquid Pigments
Williamsburg Art Materials, dry artist's pigments
Bright Fair Colour - Dry colour for plastics
Marion Mixers: Mixing Applications
Pentachem, Inc.
NPC Home Page
General Color Site Map: dry pigments, enamel, frit...
KOLTEX pigments (minimum order: 20 tons!)
Amantech Pigments and PTMA Toners
Rosco, Fluorescents
Prime Colorants
Magruder Color Company, organic pigment mfg
Magruder Color Company - Dry Color Product Selection Chart
The Kish Company, Inc.
Huls America's Architectural Colorants: Products and Trademarks
Gamblin Artists Colors - Dry Pigments (sold through retailers)
Harstrup Associates - Edvard Munch Colors
HK Holbein: Color Lines Artist's Pigments
Color Corporation of America
Pigment Intermediates
Keystone Aniline Corporation: A wide variety of pigments
Skyment High Performance Organic Pigments
Carolina Color - The Authority In Plastic Colorants

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