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Check It Out: The Cold-Inlay Process Using Metal Powder & Urethane Resin

Sources of Polymer Resins:
Synair Corp. "Leading the Industry in Urethane Technology" (they'll sell direct if you ask, but maybe that's because I'm in Alaska)
Fiberlay Inc. (Retailer of various resins, Silica Fume, fillers, etc)
Fibre Glast Developments Information Center
BJB Enterprises, "Quality Liquid Plastic Systems"
Smooth-On Products (Has excellent "How To" information)
Carbon Composites - Carbon, Kevlar & High-Tech Laminates (A major resource site!)
World Wide Arts Resources - The largest gateway to the arts in the world.
Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co
Cementex Latex Corp
Resin in Construction
ITW Philadelphia Resins
Alumilite, "Cast Your Imagination"
Symons Epoxies
Reade Advanced Materials (fillers & more)
Goldenwest Manufacturing Inc.
Polytek Development Corp.
Mann Formulated Products - Release agents
Air Products: Epoxy Additives
Hans H. Saltzwedel's fine bas-relief wall plaques & seals
Tom Banwell Designs featuring Lumicast
Advanced Composites' information on filaments
Composite Solutions Co (Lots of good technical information)
U.S. Composites Inc
Performance Yacht Systems
Peterson Products - Fiberglass Experts
Magnolia Plastics "for the Space Age Since 1957"
Sculptor.Org: A Comprehensive Resource for Sculptors
Robert Fida's sculpture & mold making site A wealth of info & links!
A health warning about diisocyanate hardners

Visit my other Stained Glass Artwork & Mosaic Mortar Material Matters pages for lots of links to resources, manufacturers, suppliers & studios:

The Cold-Inlay Process Using Metal Powder & Urethane Resin
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Mosaic Mortar Formula and Instructions
Mosaic Mortar Component Links
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Stained Glass Forums & Resources & Recommended Books
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Soldering Tips & Remarks on Soldering Lead-Free
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Politically Relevant Material , including Great Poetry & Real Spaghetti

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